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Need alternative to traditional

Need an alternative to traditional schooling?

Students with additional learning and support needs may be eligible for enrolment in distance education if it is determined they cannot attend a mainstream school on a regular basis or there is no local provision to meet their learning needs. 

This includes students who are considered 'vocationally talented' and may need to be mobile for sport or performing art.

Additional learning and support needs

This pathway requires involvement by the local school and/or learning support team delegate, DEC student services and any relevant interagency input. Documentation includes:

  • online access request
  • Appendix A, current disability confirmation sign off
  • NSW enrolment form
  • Distance Education Supervisor agreement.

Refer to NSW Distance Education Enrolment Procedures Documentation 2.8 for more information.

Significant support needs transition

Students, for whom a risk assessment indicates that they cannot attend their local government school on a regular basis, may be eligible for temporary enrolment at a distance education school.

The referring school should complete an access request form and appropriate documentation in consultation with the parent or carer.

Refer to NSW Distance Education Enrolment Procedures Documentation 2.9 for more information.

Extraordinary circumstances

This category is designed to meet unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances.

Parents or carers are required to submit a Statutory Declaration, stating the reason they are requesting full time distance education. The statutory Declaration should include a statement that the parent or carer recognises and accepts their role and responsibilities in the child's education.

Refer to NSW Distance Education Enrolment procedures Documentation 2.10