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We can use our power of imitation to help us learn new things quickly:

  • Imitation – is picking up the skills, values and behaviours of others.  
  • Imitating to strengthen and accelerate learning 
  • Imitating to explore personal and social behaviours. 

Imitation looks and sounds like:  

  • I identified a ‘more knowledgeable other' to learn from. 
  • when I watched, somebody do something it helped my learning. 
  • I ‘piggybacked' or built on another person's idea as a way of enhancing my learning. 
  • I watched someone closely before having a go at it myself. 
  • I recognized the differencing between ‘cheating' and ‘learning from others'. 
  • if I practice whilst watching someone else I know it helps me learn. 
  • I can learn at a faster rate by imitating someone else to find the answer. 
  • I can pick up good habits by imitating others.