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Effective listening

Effective listening - is to understand what has been said so we can consider how we will respond. 

Effective listening looks and sounds like:  

  • I listened carefully when my partner/group/class was sharing ideas. 
  • I did not interrupt or cut off another person with my point of view when discussing ideas. 
  • I could retell or repeat the ideas of others listening. 
  • I asked questions of my partner/group/class that showed that I was listening effectively. 
  • I used eye contact and body language that indicated effective listening. 
  • I accepted ideas and contributions from everyone in the group. 
  • I made someone feel special when they shared their idea. 
  • I provided an opinion in a way that showed that I was listening. 
  • I could build upon an idea offered by another person. 
  • I asked questions when I was unsure to gain further understanding.