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Open mindedness

Open mindedness – Being open and considerate of the opinions and actions of others.

Being open minded helps us generate a broad range of creative ideas, consider multiple perspectives and point of view and assists in fluid and flexible thinking.

Open Mindedness looks and sounds like:

  • I accepted that we all do things in different ways. 
  • I asked questions about what I believe.
  • I asked for more information before deciding what I believed. 
  • I listened to someone else's ideas and perspective. 
  • I changed my mind when I heard more about something. 
  • I was considerate when I listened to someone else's opinion. 
  • I was interested to learn more about a topic. 
  • I reconsidered what I already knew or believed. 
  • I waited for more information before I made a choice. 
  • I was interested to hear someone else's point of view. 
  • Hearing someone else's opinion or idea was important to me.