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Critical thinking

Critical thinking – Looking for good reasons and sound evidence to make fair decisions.

Thinking critically is important to:

  • consider the validity and reliability of information
  • understand the impact of point of view and perspective
  • understand ways that our thinking can be influenced

Critical thinking looks and sounds like:

  • I looked for additional information and facts before deciding what I believed
  • I listened carefully to the opinions of other people
  • I took my time to think about the facts before deciding what to believe
  • I changed my view after hearing more information
  • I considered how reliable information sources were when gathering information
  • I looked for evidence to help me decide
  • I could see different points of view
  • I understand that my situation may affect my view
  • I asked questions to find out more before deciding what to believe.

With the huge amount of information available to us now, this is more important than ever – don't believe everything google tells you! - Is it true? Is it real? Who wrote it and why?