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Developing the ability to understand the feelings of others.

Using knowledge of how others are feeling to shape your actions. 

Empathy looks and sounds like:  

  • I put myself in someone else's shoes and thought about how they were feeling. 
  • I thought about why someone else would speak, respond or behave in a certain way. 
  • I went and learnt more about a situation in order to understand it better. 
  • I apologized to someone when I considered how my words or actins made them feel. 
  • I could tell how someone was feeling by looking at their body language and facial expressions. 
  • I asked questions to help understand how someone was feeling. 
  • I considered the opinions and perspectives of others before responding. 
  • I thought about how my comments would make others feel. 
  • I tried to see a situation from many perspectives. 
  • I used empathy to help someone through a tough situation.