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Work habits

From the start students are encouraged to give their best efforts. Lessons must be set out clearly and neatly. It is suggested that the supervisors:-

  • establish a routine and where possible stick to it.
  • regular starting times and set time for breaks.
  • establish a timetable - this can be flexible.
  • staggered starting times are a suggestion for families with more than one DE student to supervise.
  • subjects that require the most focused concentration may be best undertaken in the morning.
  • supervisors must make every effort to have sets of work returned to the school on time. The return pattern will be coordinated by the class teacher and is specific to the program for each student.
  • when the normal home routine has to be varied- i.e. illness/business responsibilities- supervisors should contact the teacher to discuss flexibility and options for adapting work. Where extended absences are anticipated, the school must be notified as soon as possible about the nature and the duration.
  • should problems be encountered, student and/or supervisors are encouraged to telephone or email their teacher for assistance.
  • attendance records as in mainstream schools are maintained. As the enrolment is an agreement to participate fully in a normal NSW educational program - consistent unexplained absences and or a less than satisfactory work return may result in follow up from the teacher, school and Home School Liaison Officer.