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Educational links

NSW Education Standards Authority

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) replaced the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) on 1 January 2017. NESA has an increased focus on:

  • developing evidence-based policy to improve student achievement and support teachers
  • risk-based monitoring of Teacher Accreditation Authorities and schools.

NESA continues to set and monitor quality teaching, learning, assessment and school standards. This includes responsibility, across NSW public, Catholic and independent schools, for:

  • Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum
  • accreditation of teachers and teaching degrees
  • the internationally recognised HSC
  • school registration and home schooling

Student Supervisor Document NSW Department of Education

Parents guide to the NSW Primary syllabuses

The guide is designed to help parents follow their child's early learning and reflects the new K-10 syllabuses for English, mathematics, science and history, incorporating the Australian curriculum.

Accessing a Governess or a VISE Teacher

There are two options available to families enrolled in Distance Education.
Visit ahvise to access their website for information on job seekers as well as relevant support groups.
VISE volunteers (usually retired teachers) provide educational assistance to families and students in rural Australia usually for periods of up to 6 weeks. VISE is managed through Aussie Helpers.

Assistance for isolated students form

An assistance subsidy available to primary or secondary students who cannot go to an appropriate state school because of geographical isolation, disability or special health need. Visit AIC Claim Form

Private vehicle conveyance scheme

Now know as school drive subsidy This effects only new enrolments. Current PVC's will automatically be switched over.

Is available to eligible families in isolated or rural areas where there is no accessible public transport. Parents are reimbursed for the costs of driving their children to a transport pick-up point. Visit school drive subsidy


We empower children and youth to think big and dream wide as they participate in our exceptional yearly choral programs incorporating Taiko, Dance and visual art. Visit moorambilla website for more information.