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Mindfulness – Focusing attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations of learning If you would like a little more information on mindfulness here is a useful article: 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness looks and sounds like:

  • I became immersed in the moment by focusing on my senses
  • I appreciated and was grateful for the good things in my life, my relationships and my learning
  • I understood how my body felt when I was anxious, angry, upset or overwhelmed
  • I let a negative thought pass through my mind instead of letting it control my thinking
  • I knew when it was time to give myself some time out from what i was doing
  • I was consciously aware of how i was feeling
  • I felt how my controlled breathing calmed my body
  • I noticed things around me through all of my senses
  • I used positive self-talk to improve my mindset
  • I looked for the good things in this situation.

There are many fantastic websites and apps that can help us practice our mindfulness.

Here's some examples: