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Feedback importance

Parents of Distance Edeucation students have the opportunity to be closely involved in the day-to-day basis of their child's education. They are in weekly or regular contact with their teacher and observe most of the child's responses to work as well as seeing/hearing comments and assessment made by the teacher each week. In line with NSW Department of Education and Communities policy, half yearly and yearly reports are issued.

Supervisor/student feedback

Teachers at BWSODE use a range of blended technologies specific to the student's context and educational needs. A commonly used resource to obtain feedback from students and supervisors is through the use of digital voice files and web cam videos where applicable.

When using this feedback process there are several skills involved in providing any oral feedback. It would be helpful for the student to remember:

  • to identify who is speaking at the beginning of the recording
  • speak as clearly as possible - try not to talk too fast
  • speak close to the microphone or recording device so you can be heard
  • tell your teacher any news you have
  • answer questions by giving the subject and the number of the question you are addressing
  • clearly indicate when your recording is finished
  • many supervisors choose to record themselves/students summarizing the completed work and student engagement. The teachers find this supervisor feedback extremely useful in understanding circumstances surrounding student's efforts and achievements in the set of DE work covered.

Some useful technology tools to discuss with your DE teacher to support this feedback:

  • Audacity or similar voice recording software
  • USB sticks or Thumbdrives
  • DEC portal access for students
  • G Suite of tools.