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Resilience – Developing a 'learning tough' attitude, sticking with it when learning gets hard.

"Resilience is the ability to "bounce back" from stressful or challenging experiences. It involves being able to adapt to changes and approach negative events, sources of stress and traumatic events as constructively as possible." 

Wayhead website also has some fantastic information.

Resilience looks and sounds like:

  • I managed my feelings and stuck with a task even though I wanted to give up.
  • I found a different way to get to the answer.
  • I was able to identify the positive parts of myself and accepted my flaws.
  • I was aware of people and places I could go to when I found things tough.
  • I knew that 'sticking with it' was the only way that I'd know if I could do it.
  • I knew that mistakes could help me to learn.
  • I knew that everyone finds both learning and life hard sometimes.
  • I made a positive connection with a person when things were difficult in my life.
  • I had another go and fixed up a mistake.
  • I have a number of hobbies which keep me interested in the world around me.
  • I celebrated and felt good about my achievements.