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Both the Walgett and Bourke Centres have well stocked Libraries.

The book

"The book is one of humanity's most enduring cultural artifacts and treasures. As it evolves, the greatest threat to its future is therefore not from technical advances but from the danger of new generations losing the inclination to read. The ability to read and write is our greatest tool in education, and, apart from the family, the single most important medium existing for the transmission of ideas and the continuance of an evolving human culture. Why should we continue to value, preserve, read and write books? Simply because of what they represent.  Books record our past and progress; contain our experiments, fancies, knowledge, and accumulated wisdom; proclaim our fears and ideas; and champion our ideals, dreams, and hopes for the future. More than any other medium, books carry the heart and soul of our civilisation forward, and keep it accessible. Long live the book!"